Flushing Hydraulic of Control Lines and Other Hydraulic Components

VFL flushes hydraulic control line for the Subsea Industry. The control lines range from 1/4 to 3 inch ID. The lines may be tubing or hose and the length may be from inches to many miles long. The lines may be in a bundle (as in an umbilical) or a Flying lead. Flying leads are realitively short bundles of control lines that are installed subsea via a ROV (remote operated Vehicle)

VFL Also flushes ancillary components in our shop. These Components may be flat pack reels, Accumulators, Actuators, small Manifolds and other components.

The fluids are usually Glycol based, but may vary depending on the customer requirements.

VFL provides a "Third Party" certification of cleanliness and and Pressure Testing.

VFL considers the flow rate as one of our techniques in extracting debris and particulate matter from hydraulic control lines.  Where possible we keep the Reynolds number high enough to generate turbulent flow. VFL flushing stations are able to achieve required flow in different size tubing and hoses without bypassing fluid, using our variable frequency drive to control an electric motor driven triplex pump.

The Sophisticated flushing stations are also suitable for hydraulic pressure testing to 15,000 psi and have been used to provide emergency hydraulic power upon the failure of primary HPU's to help keep operations on line.

VFL uses the following standards for the analysis of fluid samples.

NAS 1638: Cleanliness Required of Parts Used in Hydraulic Systems.

SAE AS4059: Aerospace Fluid Power - Cleanliness Classification for Hydraulic Fluids.

ISO 4406: Method of Coding the Level of Contamination by Solid Particles.